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15 tricks to lose weight really fast

bajar peso

The basic premises for weight loss are known by everyone. Eating less fat, less sugar, less of each food group; but the real challenge is to apply this inhuman austerity sometimes for many.

bajar peso

Here are some interesting tricks to help you get your goal to lose weight in a quick manner.

1. Eat sitting, standing as it does tend to eat more.
2. Chew and give yourself time to do it, if you do you will feel full faster. And do not repeat.
3. Do your shopping market after eating and avoid temptations.
4. Before going to market, make a list of what is necessary, and stick to it.
5. After lunch pause for 15 minutes, then take a walk for 45 minutes. This will help burn calories.
6. midmorning, at which hunger usually occurs again, eat something light and healthy. You can eat prunes, skim milk or apple.
7. After the previous recommendation, retains the last bite for a little while.
8. While you eat, you should not do any other activity. So you can concentrate only on eating and taste.
9. Make a short break after every 3 bites. That way you will break the rhythm of feeding and will force you to eat less.
10. Cooking needed, and if something is left over, store it in the refrigerator.
11. Eat only 2 course meal (maximum) after some cheese or fruit.
12. Imagination is important. Eat your food making a total enjoy and savor them.
13. No need to eat large amounts of food, eat the indicated feel satisfaction.
14. Eat foods so slow. If you eat too quickly you may not have the feeling of fullness easily.
15. It is recommended to eat during the hours of activity that allows you to burn more calories. Eating at night is not a good idea.


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