5 amazing and nasty hygiene habits of the Middle Ages

nasty edad media

We live in an age where hygiene is almost obsessive, millions of products at your disposal, each promising to kill germs others leave to live. Hand soaps, shampoos with wild aroma, detergent disinfect furniture and clothing, even to clarify the intimate areas. Let’s face it, it has never been so important personal hygiene, but it was not always so. If you come back 70 years in time we would be in trouble, because very few of the products we use every day exist. Now imagine what it was like in the Middle Ages, can not they? So here we were 5 amazing hygiene habits of people in medieval times.

#1 On the bathroom.

Bathing was rare in those days. People could spend months or years without it. There were public toilets, but as it was too expensive to heat water, often whole families shared the same water. That was for the noble families, the poor did in the river, it was the cold or no water. Still, it was not an everyday occurrence. Used to mask odors essences (the richest) and flowers (the poor).

nasty edad media

#2 toilets and latrines

A rather smelly problem. To make the needs in medieval times be unbearable for a modern person. First, the nobles had little latrines stationed in the castle walls, the toilet had a hole that opened directly into the vacuum, thus falling or remaining excrement smeared on the wall of the castle. For the poor always reliable potties were the one filled when needed, and emptied into the street shouting “water is” to alert anyone that was going down the street and not end bathed in feces. By the way, this practice lasted several centuries. Some households also developed septic tanks for “save” waste. As they were cleaned so often, the smell was unbearable.

nasty edad media

#3 Clothing

The clothes were washed with bleach made with ashes and urine. Also many people do not change their clothes for months, as King James VI of Scotland. As the clothes are not changed very common that was plagued by lice and nits. The nobles also were sometimes shaved their heads to eliminate these bugs, just that they also dwelt they wore wigs.

nasty edad media

#4 Dental Hygiene

To the surprise of many, in the Middle Ages they had great care of the teeth cleaned with pieces of cloth and ashes of rosemary. Taking these measures because if a rotted tooth should be extracted and that was quite painful, because there was no anesthetic. In addition, there were no dentures, which would affect the image of people.

nasty edad media

#5 Home

As we know, hygiene applies not only to our people but also our home. In medieval times, the floors were made of straw and to mask odors mingled in her sweet-scented flowers such as lavender, rose petals, chamomile and margaritas. The beds were victims of all sorts of bugs, even the birds came to defecate in them. For this four-poster beds and a small fabric roof and built it was isolated from these animals.

As you can see, it was not easy to live clean in the Middle Ages, it was unusual and even sin and was considered harmful to health. They were dark times and nobody would like to live in them now that they know how was the hygiene.

nasty edad media


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