5 armies more “useless” world

Some countries in the world have armies only for ceremonial or official security personnel actually no need purposes; for example, Liechtenstein has only has 120 police and agents. However, they are not as defenseless as it might seem, because foreign military powers guarantee their safety.

On the other hand, some states do have and need their own armed forces, but are in a situation which suggests that it is better not possess them, because they are wasting their money. Here we have selected five armies of this kind, all African countries that helped the former Soviet Union and now have neither the money nor the support they received.

5. Libya

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Until 2011, the year from which Libya was plunged into chaos, this country had a powerful army, composed of the Army, Air Force and Navy. He also had enough military equipment, from air defense systems to tanks, armored vehicles, artillery and submarines.

The USSR provided most of this material, but its collapse stopped the supply and Libyans failed to repair its arsenal by the shortage of technical personnel and lack of proper maintenance.

In 2011, Libya civil war broke out and Muammar Gaddafi was killed, while rebel forces disbanded the old army and tried to create a new one. As a result of this chaotic situation in the country and about 90,000 armed people grouped in brigades operate.

Some of these groups are loyal to authorities recognized by the international community, while among those fighting against them are terrorists of the Islamic State and other radical Islamists.

Thus, since 2012 several Libyan armed groups have faced Zintan militia, the military tool allied to government forces of General Khalifa Belgacem Haftar, the Government result of the elections in June 2014 and internationally recognized.

Perhaps the main armed group is the Misrata militia, the main military structure of the Islamist bloc known as Operation Dawn Libyan, which maintains its headquarters in Tripoli.

4. Zambia.

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If we evaluate the Zambia Army in the global context, one could say with absolute certainty that the army of this African country has completely miserable military capabilities, despite having a wide range of weapons, almost all of Soviet origin.

Thus, its tank farm includes five T-54 Soviet, 20 tanks T-55 and 30 light tanks PT-76, while the country also has a hundred armored combat vehicles, 95 towed guns, 93 mortars and 50 facilities around multiple rocket launchers. It also has several systems both portable and fixed incomes air defense, plus 150 anti-aircraft guns which bought Yugoslavia and the USSR decades.

Zambia Air Force includes five old Soviet MiG-21 fighters and five other old J-6-a copy of the MiG-19 Soviets, along with dozens of helicopters and transport aircraft Chinese aircraft.

Why all this potential raises fear anyone? By the fact that it is out of service for some time, because it has not been maintained, repaired or updated properly.

3. Mali.

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Some time ago, Mali available a relatively large army, also thanks to the support of the Soviet Union, whose help was extremely important. As a result, the country is still possible to find obsolete military equipment and weapons, as the T-34 tank and MiG-21 fighters.

Tas the collapse of the USSR began a rapid degradation of the defensive capabilities of Mali, which reached its climax in 2012, when he broke his civil war and what was left of the Malian army could not quell riots and armed clashes in the country.

Today, the Malian army has been reduced to nothing: only has 7,500 uniformed and order is maintained in a relative manner by military contingents from France and Chad found in its territory. However, many experts suggest that the presence of foreign troops helping to increase the number of Islamists in the country.

2. Mozambique

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Mozambique is one of the world’s poorest countries, but in the 70s and 80s was the biggest ally of the Soviet Union in Africa and maintained a similar Mali, Zambia and Libya relationship: the Soviet Union was supplying weapons and military advisers which they allowed the government of then winning the long civil war that hit the country.

Shortly after that victory, the Soviet Union collapsed and arms deliveries ceased. As in other African states, lack of money and staff shortages maintenance and repair caused such weapons began to deteriorate.

However, unlike Libya and Mali, Mozambique currently has a fairly stable situation, which, although it is unable to guarantee its defense, no risk that anyone agreda.

1. Somalia

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The leader in this ranking of the worst armies in the world was torn and was divided into zones of influence of the European powers for a long time. Somalia gained independence in 1960, like many other African countries-and after taking this step, presented territorial claims to Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

In the 70s, Somalia received significant military aid from the Soviet Union and decided to attack Ethiopia, who was also a Soviet ally. Moscow had to pick and chose the Ethiopians because they were considered more reliable, which Somalis suffered a resounding defeat.

This situation caused a political crisis in the 80s, in the north of its territory uprising broke out. As a result, in 1991 he was overthrown President of Somalia and the country was plunged into total chaos of a civil war that continues to this day despite having a government recognized by the international community in Mogadishu, the capital.

Of all its armed forces, in Somalia it has only been the police: the former Air Force disappeared completely, while the Navy is composed of a staff of 200 sailors and some patrol boats, which are leased by the state.



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