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5 gadgets for your car is technologically equipped


Innovations invade us and cars are also part of this advanced technological revolution.

We can not deny that everything related with gadgets and applications is enveloping us in an era hundred percent technology, so that everything, or almost everything around us has any tinge of innovation, from our work activities even in our daily lives in family.

List of the best gadgets that will make your car more advanced vehicle, technologically speaking.

1. Parking Sensors

Most drivers know your self, from their tricks to their size, but it is not surprising that sometimes we trust and give you some scratch and step which is opposite. To avoid these unpleasant incidents exist parking sensors, and ultrasonic sensors are incorporated in the bumper or electromagnetic detection, whose operation is based on detecting changes in the electromagnetic field produced by solid objects, these tools help the Most people park in tight spots.


2. GPS

Despite already having several similar systems on the phone, driving it is a complicated task and see the Smartphone at the same time, but with the right tool this work can be transformed into child’s play. A mapping system in your car can ease your driving, and that tells you which way to go and how to get to a particular place through a computer fed with maps and communications systems. An excellent alternative is the TomTom Go 730, a guide that provides 3D images and clearly exposes the area where you find and lanes through which you travel.


3. Handsfree

Attachment indispensable today. We already know the consequences of distracted on the road if we answer a message or a call, to avoid such mishaps handsfree comes in. These incorporate microphone and speaker for better communication and safe driving. Protect your integrity, pedestrians and other drivers with this gadget it should be mandatory to use.


4. Chargers

Their role is essential for the long haul, as the phone battery often terminársele soon, especially if it is the mark of the manzanita. There chargers, such as the Gear 4, which have the ability to light cigarettes, and just plug for it to become an efficient charger with two USB ports.


5. Portable DVD

Perhaps one of the best inventions you when to bring children on board, especially when the road is long and strenuous. A portable DVD could entertain the kids for hours watching your favorite movies while you concentrate on driving safely on the roads of Mexico. This portable entertainment system may include a LCD monitor, positionable screen, input video games, microphone and a rechargeable battery for more than five hours. All personal Drive.



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