5 inventions that make people more lazy

inventions that make people more lazy

Man is designed so that no end improves the world around us – that his life was easy, comfortable and nothing is burdened its existence. However, in this his quest he sometimes goes face and then … the light appears useful things, however, make us lazy. I offer you a top 5 inventions that develop in us a bad quality as laziness.

1. Escalator

inventions that make people more lazy

Admit it, just be honest – for sure going to the store and seeing the escalator, moving up, you climb on it rather than the stairs?
The escalator was invented in 1981 by American Jesse Reno, but then it could hardly be called a “moving staircase” because it lacked stage. In 1893, the first “inclined passenger lifts” were installed at the New York-Cortland Street station and escalators with stairs appeared only in 1911.

2. Recliner

inventions that make people more lazy

In 1928, cousins ​​Edward and Edwin Shoemaker Knabush in Monroe, Michigan created the first Recliner – Reclining chair, which became the personification of the top comfort. And it is not surprising that it was perfected hundreds of times. Today one can find with reclining chairs to the right corner of the back for you, with comfortable footrests and many other amenities, but hold it all my spare time, forgetting about outdoor activities, is not the best option, do not you?

3. Zip “Velcro”

inventions that make people more lazy

Zip “Velcro” was invented by accident in 1941. One Swiss Zhordzh de Mestral went for a walk with your pet. Repi who are stuck in the dog’s coat, have guided the engineer to think about how you can use the principle of thistles. To create a usual “Velcro”, it took him 10 years. “Velcro” is composed of two layers of material: the first is covered with small plastic hooks, the second – thin loops. When a single layer of material pressed against the second, hook and loop cling held securely in this position. “Velcro” is so comfortable that today they are often replaced by other types of fasteners.

4. Calculator

inventions that make people more lazy

The device is designed to perform various arithmetic operations, was invented in 1642 a scientist Pascal. The first calculator is a machine, the figures are summarized. Then the German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz improved Pascal’s invention and in 1671 he created a machine that could multiply. Then began to appear desktop calculators that can perform more complex tasks, and in the 20th century there was a pocket calculator. Thing is definitely convenient, but many people have resorted to using it even when you need to perform basic calculations.

5. Modern toilet

inventions that make people more lazy

In ancient times the toilets were a cesspool, the contents of which are interspersed with peat and years later turned into valuable fertilizer. But in the XVIII century cesspool mutated, becoming a so-called play-closet dispose of solid and liquid waste, and at the same time relieving the unpleasant zapaha.Odnako contents of the container had to shovel as it is filling.


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