5 meteorites that changed the world

meteorites that changed the world

Our planet is surrounded by a huge variety of celestial bodies. Some of them – small in size – Falling to Earth unnoticed, but the fall of a large, weighing several hundred pounds, and even tons, is fraught with a variety of consequences. And five meteorites, which I want to tell you, have made their specific contribution to the development of life on our planet.

L’Aigle meteorite

meteorites that changed the world

In ancient meteorites were the subject of adoration and worship, were considered sacred objects. It was only in 1794 set a number of reasons, admitting the idea of ​​their cosmic origin. The remaining doubts were finally dispelled detailed report JB Biot about the fall of a meteorite in L’Aigle, France, 14 (26) April 1803. It was after studying the meteor shower in the vicinity of the French Academy of Sciences has recognized the possibility of falling stones “from heaven.”

Canyon Diablo meteorite

meteorites that changed the world

Iron meteorite weighing about 30 tons fell by about 20,000-40,000 years ago, is 3-4 miles from the Canyon Diablo, Arizona, USA. The outcome of this fall was the formation of Arizona crater (Barringer Crater, Devil’s Canyon) in diameter and a depth of 1,220 meters in 184 meters.

Allende meteorite

meteorites that changed the world

To date Allende, fell to Earth in 1969 in the Mexican state of Chihuahua – the most studied meteorite in the world: its fragments are found in many museums around the world, and it is notable primarily for being the oldest of the discovered bodies of the Solar System, whose age to precisely define – he is about 4,567,000,000 years.

Also for the first time in its composition has been found previously unknown mineral – Pang: Scientists suggest that it is part of the set of space objects, such as asteroids.

Chicxulub meteorite

meteorites that changed the world

Perhaps the fall of the meteorite in Mexico caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. The collision occurred about 65 million years ago when an asteroid the size of a small city crashed into the Earth. The collision is not only a crater with a diameter of 168 kilometers, but also have been caused by earthquakes, mega-tsunami and volcanic eruptions all over the world that has greatly changed the environment and sentenced to the death of the dinosaurs (and probably many other creatures).

This vast crater located on the Yucatan Peninsula near the village of Chicxulub (under the name of which was called and the crater) can only be seen from space, which is why scientists have discovered it recently.

Chelyabinsk meteorite

meteorites that changed the world

The fall of the meteorite at the beginning of 2013 was a significant event not only for the residents of the Chelyabinsk region, but also caused a resonance around the world. The fact is that the number of people falling victims of this meteorite is unique in the world of recorded history. Because of the shock wave hit 1,613 people, the majority – of the knocked-out windows. Were hospitalized for different data from 40 to 112 people, two victims were in intensive care units. The shock wave also damaged the building. Property damage previously estimated at between $ 400 million to 1 billion rubles.


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