5 most popular night clubs in the world

most popular night clubs

By nightfall, not everyone wants to sleep. Some crave fun and good music, and a night club for this – the best place. It is a territory free from boredom and routine, uniting people with different interests, who love life, music, movement and dance. Today I want to tell you about the 5 most popular nightclubs all over the world.

most popular night clubs

Zouk, Singapore Zouk – this is one of the most famous nightclubs in Singapore, located on the banks of the Singapore River. In the past, on the site of the most modern and fashionable club in this country were three barns. After they burned, soon, new multi-level rooms, rich in history and design. Each of the 3 rooms “Zuka” has a unique interior. It sounds best club music. youth spends time in the rhythm of the dance, and older people can relax in the “Velvet Room” – relax to the music in the style of “chill out” and «ambient», chat and watch performances of artists and musicians. Frequent visitors «Velvet Underground» are John Galliano and David Beckham. Phuture room, or “Hall of the Future” is quite consistent with the concept of an ideal future. Across the room, like a winding river, paved bar. The glittering hall «Zouk» is the epitome of the latest trends in the development of the design of club facilities – a huge multi-level dance floor, floating DJ booth, spinning stage, a sound and light – all these cause positive emotions.

most popular night clubs

Studio 54, New York Studio 54 – is not just a nightclub, a true legend in New York. It can be called the most scandalous and outrageous nightclub of all time. It seemed that it was closed for good, but in 2011 the institution was revived and sunset loud party that brought together the world’s most famous stars. famed Studio 54 legendary parties, a hard face-control and excessive drug use. Since the late ’70s in New York was dominated by loose morals (HIV was discovered a few years later), drug use was common. In the “Studio” also could have sex with anyone, so the club has become home to all those whose way of life was an endless party.

most popular night clubs

XS, Las Vegas nightlife Members “Sin City” enthusiastically talk about the most exclusive club in Las Vegas. In XS, you can easily part with hundreds of thousands of dollars. But in giving this money, you’ll know exactly what to spend it not in vain. Even a well-worn regulars expensive institutions of the city are surprised luxury of this particular club. The total area of more than 40,000 establishments square. feet. It consists of 30 cottages situated around a huge pool with a fabulous illumination. Room design is fascinating. Club owners argue that the creation of the club inspired them sexy curves of the female body. Stucco, gilding, large sofas with plush upholstery – all this screaming luxury ready to accept with open arms those who prefer to rest solely in the style of luxury.

most popular night clubs

Webster Hall, New York One of the most popular among the youth of New York City is the nightclub «Webster Hall», which is a huge complex has a capacity of 2,500 people. It includes a night club, a corporate center, a concert hall with a stage at 1,400 seats, a recording studio, a sports bar and a karaoke club. Currently, there are daily discos and musical evenings, the target audience which is the youth.

most popular night clubs

Privilege, Ibiza Night Club «Privilege» Ibiza officially considered the largest in the world. This is confirmed by an entry in the Guinness book of records – because it can accommodate more than 10,000 people at a time! But worldwide fame to this great institution, not only brought huge size and unique design, but also a truly unique entertainment. It’s hard to find an artist or group of world star level who have not visited the scene of this legendary site at least once. It was visited by almost everything – from Bob Marley and Freddie Mercury to the most cutting-edge fashion headliners trendy club music.


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