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5 of the legendary lost cities

lost cities

Our history is sometimes surrounded by an aura of grandeur, and even sometimes the past is more important than the present. After all, our ancient ancestors possessed of knowledge, which for us are lost, perhaps forever. This view is confirmed by archaeological discoveries of large cities, the existence of which no one knew.


lost cities

The legendary city with its untold riches stirred up the minds of many researchers for several hundred years. According to legend, the Greeks burned Troy after its conquest by the ground. About her position put forward many theories, and in the XIX century it was found in Anatolia, Turkey. On a hill near the Hisarlyk archaeologists discovered the wall height of 6 meters. Some other findings suggest that in this area there were 9 cities, one of which may have been Troy.

Sodom and Gomorrah

lost cities

According to legend, these two biblical towns standing on the trade route from Arabia to Syria, were destroyed by fire and brimstone the sinful behavior of their inhabitants. And archaeological studies confirm the existence of these cities and their horrible deaths. Presumably they were on the southern shore of the Dead Sea – once the most beautiful and picturesque place in the south of Palestine, at the mouth of the Jordan River.


lost cities

This lost city situated on the territory of Tibet, is still amazing people. The sudden surge of interest in Shambhala was caused a sensation in 2004 – then came the first evidence that the legendary country – this is not just an esoteric concept that was thought for many years, and the real geographic place once existed on earth.

El Dorado

lost cities

Mythical land of gold and precious stones, “where the treasures are as common as we cobble”. For nearly 250 years of trying to find the country continued. The most serious attempt made at the beginning of the XVII century by Walter Raleigh. The search for the legendary El Dorado gave very valuable ethnographic and geographic results. It is assumed that the origin of this legend is based on the custom of one Indian tribe, the coloring of the leader of the leader at the coronation of gold paint and throwing gold items into the lake when he was bathing at the end of the ceremony.


lost cities

One of the greatest stories and legends about the existence of the lost city of Atlantis. The ancient and mighty sea island-nation was located in front of the Pillars of Hercules, is now associated with the Strait of Gibraltar. Its inhabitants are descended from Poseidon and lived well, but by creating a powerful empire, they invaded Athens. As a punishment for attacking the gods sent the earthquake and the sea swallowed Atlantis, which disappeared in a single day and night. A few years ago it was suggested that Atlantis was located between Cyprus and Syria at a depth of about a mile. Maps of the seabed east to the Mediterranean have been studied, and more than 50 elements correspond to the physical descriptions in the works of Plato. Subsequently sounder portrayed the seabed and showed looked like some of the man-made canals were present in Atlantis.

There were these cities or not, scientists will repeatedly try to find out. After all, stories of lost or hidden utopias persist throughout history – the idea of ​​finding them too tempting to refuse it.


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