5 parts of the body that are useless

body parts

The human body is a complicated set of systems and organs that allow us to live, mobilize and interact with the environment. But when one of these organs missing, things tend to get complicated for systemic body function. You ever wonder what body spare you?

body parts

Then we will see 5 organs of the human body from the functional point of view and as far as the science of medicine has proven us are useless:

The appendix is a terminal in our large intestine that sometimes makes many go through high-risk situations. As we know, the appendix to swell and rupture can cause not only a sharp pain, but also infections that can lead to dangerous peritonitis that can lead to death.

Many men say that this part of her breasts feel sensual sensations to when their partners are dedicated to these two points. But no good for nothing.

In women are the feeder for newborn babies. In some cases very very few men develop something like breasts, but when progesterone concentration is high, may even produce milk.

Looks like body hair was still just a redoubt of our old coats when we were primates (according to evolutionists) who needed this dense undercoat to guard against the cold.

Body hair is really unnecessary. Many will say that only serves to waste money on machines, waxing and haircuts. Eyebrows are the only portion of hair that has a prescribed function and protect the eyes from dirt that can drop you from above.

All human beings develop our permanent teeth at age 10; however adolescence passing out other molars can be a real headache (literally) and are the famous “wisdom teeth”.

Many people do not have enough space for these teeth in the mouth, and it is for this reason that sooner or later the time comes extract, and this process is very painful for many.

The coccyx is also a final redoubt of your old queue (according to evolutionists). It is the last vertebra in our spine and is now an ornament that can break and be very painful.


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