5 spectacular sex world records

sex world records

Records in sex is always interesting, and if they are moving beyond all limits that they even listed in the book of world records, it’s all sensation. You will find 10 most bizarre stories of people who got into the book of world records because of their superhuman abilities in sex.

The longest penis in the world – 34.3 cm

sex world records

Official title holder of the longest penis in the world belongs to a man named John Falcon (Jonah Falcon). This record has been officially confirmed by Dr. Robert Dickinson, on whose penis length measurement John Falcon is 34.3 cm in length and 16 cm in circumference.

Biggest vagina in the world – 33 cm

sex world records

The biggest vagina belonged to Scottish giantess Anna Swan (1846-1888 gg.). Anna was born a normal child is of normal size, but later she began to grow at an astonishing rate, and to 19 years of its growth was 2 meters 33.7 cm Later she joined the show wandering group than and earn a living. there she found a husband suitable for her size, it was Martin Bates whose height is 2 meters 13 cm They married out of business and the Giants built a gigantic mansion with giant beds. Later, Anna gave birth to the world’s largest in the history of the child weighing 26 kg and 86.3 cm increase in child was so big that Anna could not bear it yourself, it had to get with the help of forceps and belts. Unfortunately the child died shortly after birth and he was made a cast of historical value. So the baby’s head circumference was 48 cm, and the possibility of expanding the vagina giantess Anna was about 15 cm (a normal woman of about 10 cm). Hence, we conclude about the size of the vagina Anna Swan.

Most prolific mother in the world has given birth to 69 children

sex world records

Ordinary Russian peasant Fyodor Vasilyev (1707-1782 gg.) From Shuya was not remarkable in the history of man, but his wife Valentina Vasilyeva set a world record as the woman who gave birth to the greatest number of children in the world. In total, she gave birth to 69 children, more about it in principle, nothing is known. She gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 times she gave birth to triplets and four times between 1725 and chetvernyashek 1765 years, a total of Valentin Vasiliev suffered 27 genera. 67 of the 69 children born survived infancy. Today is a living record holder Leontine Albina (Leontina Albina) from Chile, which claims that she gave birth to 64 children, 55 of which are documented. Mother gave birth to the largest number of twins is 44-year-old resident of Canada – Libya Ayons (Livia Ionce), who gave birth to 18 children.

She has overcome the strong jet of sperm length 548.6 cm

sex world records

Horst Schultz is a record whose jet of sperm overcame distance 548.6 cm He also holds the record for jet sperm reached the height – 3.76 m, also a record for the fastest seminal fluid, the initial velocity of departure “projectile” was 68.72 km / h

The oldest prostitute in the world whose age is 82 years

sex world records

Prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world, meanwhile, police in Tai Pei commended the 82-year-old prostitute nicknamed “Grandma” as the oldest working prostitute. Chiu started practicing prostitution 40 years ago, after a man with whom she lived for more than 20 years died.


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