5 Stories about strange people enter into marriage with animals

marriage with animals

Sometimes it seems. that the world has gone mad, but then you realize that fools always enough. We have already written to you about the most ridiculous marriage , it’s time to talk about those crazy people who decided to cast its lot with the animals. Some of them got married on their own, and someone on a stupid coincidence.

American married to a pony, 1992

marriage with animals

In 1992, one married to Matthew, Mark pony named Jerry Piksel.Televeduschy Springler even took the show with this odd couple, but to guide the channel, despite the condescending attitude to the “sensational,” it seemed to brute force, and ready to show aired so not released.

A teenager from Bali married a flirtatious cow, 2010

marriage with animals

18-year-old from Bali Ngurah Alit was caught “in flagrante delicto” with a cow and said the animal he was tempted.
In June 2010, Alita made officially marry a cow. The wedding was part of a ritual to cleanse the village of the “impure acts”. Immediately after the ceremony coquettish cow drowned in the ocean. Fortunately, drowning was purely symbolic. The cow was still alive.

Millionaire married dolphin, 2005

marriage with animals

In December 2005, the 41-year-old eccentric British millionaire Sharon Tendler married the “love of my life” – a dolphin named Cindy.
Sharon and Cindy met 15 years ago when a millionaire was resting on an Israeli resort. Dolphin struck her heart, so Tendler began traveling to Israel two or three times a year and spent most of her time with her dear friend.
After a year of “visits” Tendler decided it was time to legalize the relationship. December 28th bride in a white dress in front of several hundred astonished witnesses knelt in front of her fiance, she whispered in his ear, wedding vows and kissed. The ceremony was held together by several fatty fish, presented Cindy as a wedding gift. After the completion of the ceremony the bride’s friends threw a millionaire in the water, so she could swim with her “husband.”
Unfortunately, Cindy died June 18, 2006 and was buried with honors in the ocean.

Indian man married a dog to get rid of the curse, 2007

marriage with animals

When an Indian by the name of Selva Kumar was 18 years old, he saw two dogs mating and scoring them to death. This was not enough, and even Kumar and hung the bodies of animals to a tree. In his own assurances, from that moment began his own torment. He was paralyzed arms and legs, and he lost the hearing in one ear.
After fifteen years of physical suffering Kumar became absolutely unbearable, and he decided to seek the advice of an astrologer.
The astrologer said that getting rid of “dog curse” is only one way – to marry a dog.
In November 2007, Kumar followed this advice and married a 10-year-old bitch named Selvi.

The famous German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is going to marry his cat

marriage with animals

In June 2013 Carl Logerfeld announced his intention to marry his cat named Shupett. 77-year-old fashion guru admitted that he did not even know that he is able to love someone so much.
Shuppet eyes, as recognized by the designer, inspired him to create a collection for Chanel blue. When the owner is not home, specially assigned servant writes in a notebook everything that makes the cat to Logerfeld able to keep up her “affairs”.


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