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6 more crazy feats Bear Grylls

bear grylls

Scientists have discovered that if you happen to nuclear apocalypse, then the world will be only cockroaches … and Bear Grylls. Do not believe me? In this post, the most insane feats of British survival expert.

1. Heart …. eating raw meat.

Trapped in the Arctic Circle, Grylls ate reindeer reindeer heart.

bear grylls

2. Eating honey.

Bear Grylls loves honey, not surprisingly called “bear”. Somewhere in the Mexican mountains, the operation to extract honey went pretty well, but was bitten in the face. Grylls’s face began to swell near real time, and soon became a cartoon alien comic.

bear grylls

3. Drinking his own urine.

The British quenched his thirst by drinking his own urine after spending a hot day in a Mexican desert. Grylls has urinated in the skin of a snake previously eaten there and then drank urine.

bear grylls

4. He used the skin of a camel to ward tormetas sand in the desert.

bear grylls

5. Enema at sea.

While traveling on a raft in the Pacific, Grylls became very thirsty, but only took on board dirty water, but found a way to avoid dehydration. Knowing that the colon is capable of absorbing the liquid, became an enema with a brackish water, which prevented him from entering the stomach.

bear grylls

6. Crossing the Arctic.

He got into the water completely naked. A feat this man.

bear grylls


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