8 more rare and impressive of the Japanese genius inventions


In recent years, the Western media have discussed the strange, hilarious and disconcerting Japanese inventions ever. It is true that almost all Japanese inventions are really curious and 100% useful; but there are also some very rare and perhaps even “useless” for a certain group of people, although they are still curious and inventions at last.

This list includes some Japanese inventions that can change our lives. Japan is undoubtedly a technological superpower, and for a long time developing new technologies demonstrate a real breakthrough in engineering. Some of these follies are still under study, but perhaps within a short time could now become reality.

1. Vending machines “bounce around”.

It may seem that the vending machines do not belong to the number of inventions that can change the world; but if we see otherwise, you may change your thinking. With the passage of time Japan became a vending machine in a convenient tool to meet other needs. Most people use these machines for snacks, while the Japanese have announced a new era of these machines: can now be used to buy anything , from umbrella, even eggs and fresh salad . Will it the rest of the world the example of the Japanese, is hard to say. However, seeing a sell fresh vegetables machine is already quite curious.


2. Cameras that read the mind.

Penetrate the man’s head and get in touch with the power of our mind is the dream of mankind, especially of the inventors. The Japanese managed to create a prototype camera called Neurocam , which allows you to record brain waves and then create images or GIF files. Neurocam used connected to a device that captures human electroencephalographic signals iPhone. After that, the camera uses a complex algorithm that transforms brain activity in images that appear on the phone display. Although this is still in development, its inventors think it may be a harbinger of opportunities to see the dreams, memories or ideas, could even serve as a way to communicate and share information.


3. Organic rechargeable battery.

Sustainable and renewable energy is a subject of debate last decade, when climate change has become a global problem. A Japanese company invented rechargeable batteries completely organic carbon . Its inventors say the battery contains more energy and therefore may run longer than any existing one. In addition it will be charged 20 times faster than conventional batteries.


4. Robots to “catch”.

What could be better for people with mobility problems to enable a robot that can walk, run or work? The Japanese company Panasonic is currently developing a significant improvement in the exoskeletal robotic. Their robots will be used as a costume. What once was used only for military purposes will be available in the near future for workers, the disabled or anyone who, for whatever reason, does not have the strength to everyday affairs. They say it will cost about $ 7,000, weighs 40 kilograms and can carry loads up to 30 kg.


5. 4K Super HD TV.

These are TVs with pictures so clear that you could almost touch them by hand. It has an impeccable resolution four times greater than normal HD-shaped concave, which also makes the picture brighter and more colorful. This is already a reality.


6. Androids Kodomoroid, Ontonaroid and Telenoid.

Robotics is able to change everything we know about the social and professional interaction, and raises important philosophical questions about human consciousness. Hiroshi Ishiguro and his team at the University of Osaka developed three female robots as real physical attributes that appear to be flesh and blood people. Details such as skin color, facial features, hair and even clothing make them almost human. The Kodomoroid, Ontonaroud and Telenoid robots represent different ages, but they are “women”. These robots could serve as guides at the museum and report the news in different languages.


7. The impressive robot ASIMO.

The whole world is closely following the Japanese developments in the field of robotics. Honda’s ASIMO robot is a big step forward in the field of robotics (and gives less fear Kodomoroid :)). ASIMO is able to do many things that man also makes: greets visitors, open bottles, drinks and other activities. The robot design was updated in 2014, so now can jump and run up to 5 kilometers per hour. It is difficult to say what cultural, social and economic changes will bring the wide application in the world of advanced robots. But robots like ASIMO can become a real salvation for people with chronic problems of movement.


8. Space elevator.

A space elevator is a hypothetical elevator that connects the surface of a planet in space. Basically it’s a space station in a geosynchronous orbit, and that some cable 35,786 km long that reaches the ground, and can be shaped rail. To maintain the balance of the structure in addition to place the anchor somewhere as close to the Ecuador, to minimize the effects of stress by the difference between the rotation of the Earth and geosynchronous orbit satellite, the speakers of this technology futuristic propose to use a stretch of identical extended cable into space or a counterweight, in such a way that the cable would be in equilibrium with its center of mass in geosynchronous orbit. Once the cable in place, they can go up and down the aisles and loads at a cost a hundred times less than that assumed throw by a rocket (practically, the cost of electricity needed to power the elevator).

Attempts to develop the first “space elevator” became a real race. It is assumed that the first ideas to create this madness appeared in 1900. Japan appears to have taken responsibility for this invention. Tokyo Obayasi Corporation plans to have a space elevator into operation in 2050 . They intended to send tourists to the space station, using solar energy, mainly. It could carry up to 30 people at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. This type of technological innovation, if successful, would change forever scanning technology, tourism and space.



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