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9 Reasons to start running

The ancient Greeks said: “. If you want to be safe, run If you want to be beautiful, runs inteligentecorre If you want to be.”. And they were right.

They say that physical exercise can cure many diseases. This is the perfect free way to look good.


Here are nine reasons to start running:

  1.  Running exercise increases the heart muscle. This means that the heart becomes stronger.
  2. Increase the capacity of oxygen in the blood. Increases blood flow and increased oxygen exchange. For all tissues and organs supplied more oxygen-rich blood and nutrients.
  3. Excellent tool for combating stress. Stress and fatigue is accumulated in the body for days decay products. This is the cause of fatigue. To get rid of fatigue, you need to be in shape and running perfectly.
  4. During prolonged load in the blood is ejected special hormone – endorphin. This hormone is also called “the hormone of happiness.” And for good reason. When the concentration of endorphins in the blood increases, the person experiences a slight feeling of euphoria. Depression disappears.
  5. Improves mental activity. Following the exercise, the central nervous system is activated, and therefore the brain.
  6. Make exercise enhances immunity, due to the increase in red blood cells from the blood and hemoglobin. In the process of charging performance decreases blood cholesterol, reduces hunger, improves intestinal motility. Along with improving the metabolism of this leads to normalization of body weight.
  7. It can be run at any time of day. So, in the morning, when the increase in the amount of hormones in the blood, running is a natural remedy that helps the body back to harmony. If you run after work – at night, and then the stress is removed, relax, recharge energy, suppresses appetite and have a beautiful dream.
  8. Research scientists show that a partial regeneration of liver tissue. Positive effect on the kidney occurs, while exercise is done.
  9. Regular exercise has a positive impact on the musculoskeletal system.


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