A fisherman captures a stunning sea monster

sea monster

A shark fisherman found a kind of rather unique marine animal. With an impressive size and the appearance of having hundreds or even thousands of years of existence. It weighed about 387 kg., Was like “a dinosaur” as the fisherman said, while the captain of the ship said it was a very old animal and had barnacles everywhere.

He was later identified as dactylobatus clarkii, species about which we know very often live as 1,000 feet deep. Although, according to George H. Burgess Museum of Natural History in Florida, seemed centroura Dasyatis, a line which normally grows only about 300 kg. and has a poisonous tail.

Of course, to get the sea monster, Grind spent four hours fighting to achieve his capture, then he took a picture and released it back into the ocean.

sea monster


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