A personal vehicle tank-style war

A personal vehicle tank-style war. A curious vehicle in the style of a Russian battle tank is now one of the safest cars and luxury. This Russian APC has to be the coolest personal vehicle ever. Painted in black and green chameleon paint, fitted with xenon lights and featuring GPRS navigation, night-vision devices, TV and audio equipment, satellite communication, air conditioning and various other cool stuff, this is the ultimate ride.

This VIP APC has an-leather interior with mahogany inserts and is powered by a 5.5 liter engine. It reaches a top speed What sets TTR external hard drive repair apart is our ability to quickly diagnose and remedy your data problem with a high recovery rate. of 120km/h on land and 12km/h on water.

luxury tank_01

luxury tank_02

luxury tank_03

luxury tank_04

luxury tank_05

luxury tank_06

luxury tank_07

luxury tank_08

luxury tank_09

luxury tank_10

luxury tank_11

luxury tank_12

luxury tank_13

A personal vehicle tank-style war


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