A student of 20 years invented the first system to clean up the ocean. The unit will start working from 2016

cleanup ocean

Each year the world’s oceans are about 8 million tons of floating debris. Garbage causes harm (sometimes irreversible) in the flora and fauna: the biggest creatures fall traps as large as the smaller pools and suffer because of swallowing small parts of plastic trash. The situation is getting worse, but apparently Boyan Slat, a student and environmentalist 20 years has found the solution.

He and his team developed a device capable of cleaning all the junk from the ocean in just 10 years. We hope that everything goes well Slat, and believes that if so, the world will finally be a cleaner place.

cleanup ocean

Next year the team plans to deploy in the water ste apparatus 200 meters wide near the shores of Tsushima Island (between Japan and South Korea), one of the world’s most polluted places.

The great advantage of this device is that it uses the currents to do their job (which runs passively). This inflatable elements are not in any way a nuisance to the inhabitants of the waters can swim under them with ease, but can trap particles of light are rubbish floating on the water. Doing work like this with the help of boats take about 70 years!

cleanup ocean

For five years it is planned to make a series of test cleanings, and if it works a similar but 100 kilometers long will be able to wipe out at least half of garbage Pacific Ocean system will be installed.

cleanup ocean
cleanup ocean



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