ALERT!!! Signs that a Girl its not interested in you

1, When she says that she’s not ready to start a new relationship

2, IF you ask her to date, and she says she has not time, and will call you when she has time

3, When she says I don’t see you in that way

4, This is not the time, but maybe in the future

5, Situation: Don’t answer your calls, messages, or delays too much for answer.

6, MESSAGE SEEN, if the little green signs shown it means that she saw the message.

7, I’m really busy this week

8, she avoids you at job, or public places.

9, she never texts you for her own

10, THE MOST IMPORTANT, AND ITS AN ADVICE FOR YOU, while writing her number, make sure she it’s seeing, and write the last two numbers if she doesn’t corrects you she its not interest on you


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