Breath taking weird life facts

Mike the headless chicken "dances" in 1945.

Number 1; Tumors can grow hair, teeth and bones.

Number 2; In ancient Rome the punishment for killing your father, was bein sewn up in a sack with a viper, dog and a cock.

Number 3; The Lighter was invented before before the match.

Number 4; Death People can get goose bumps

Number 5; If you eat to many carrots you can turn orange

Number 6; Rapper Tupac ashes were mixed with weed and smoked by his friends.

Number 7; Hippopotamus milk its pink

Number 8; in 1945 there was a rooster named mike who lived 18 months without head.Mike the headless chicken "dances" in 1945.

Number 9; Leeches have 39 brains

Number 10; Headless cockroaches are capable to live for weeks, they die for starvation.


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