British batsman dies from hit in first fight

A boxer from the city of Norfolk, UK, has died after suffering a knockout in his first fight.

According to Mirror newspaper, 22-year-old Kuba Moczyk of Polish origin, was winning the fight last Saturday, but lost the bout of a blow in the third round. The young man suffered a hemorrhage in the brain and went into a coma. The athlete had spent more than four months of training for his big debut and was excited in the fight.

Relatives, despite their passion for a sport as cruel as boxing, remember him as a very calm and kind person. Kuba had been training for a long time and it was his dream, but he was not the kind of person who wants to hurt anyone, the family said.

The athlete died Wednesday night at James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth, surrounded by his family, after being disconnected from the machine that kept him alive. Some of its organs were donated for transplantation.



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