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Can the mayor be a cat?

mayor cat

Mayor of the town Talkitna (Alaska) is 15 years, Mr. Stubbs. What is surprising? Simply, Mr. Stubbs – a cat.

How did the cat could become mayor? It’s very simple. During the next mayoral election, several people did not like either candidate. Crooks and thieves, they decided. In contrast nominated its own candidate – Stubbs the cat. Whether it was in the number of people – about 900 people, or their sense of humor, but the election was won Stubbs. July 16, 2012 Talkitna noted the 15th anniversary of the reign of your favorite mayor. What started as a silly joke, led to the tourism business. Every year thousands of tourists come to a small town, to crumple, and pat the mayor. But the mayor himself is deeply respected and adored by the local population.

mayor cat
mayor cat
mayor cat


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