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  • drugs side effects

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    How did people change using drugs from their first arrest

    Drugs – a terrible thing that turns people into the vegetables first, and then into humus. We offer you to see how much people have changed using drugs from their first to the last arrest, which is clearly seen in that the drug can transform a person. Also, you will learn about some dirty dealings […]

  • contraband items customs

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    The “Contraband”. Things that did not miss a customs

    You can not imagine how any of unusual things people are trying to smuggle each other by mail, or by plane. Modern American photographer Taryn Simon created a project called “Contraband” in which she photographs confiscated by Customs in New York things. In a list of these things came as Chinese counterfeit goods, and such […]

  • old ads

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    Tough vintage advertising, which today would be considered outside the law

    Sexism and degradation of women, infringement of the rights of blacks, smoking propaganda, immorality and stiffness – all components immoral retro advertising of the last century, for which today would have incurred liability advertisers. In today’s world the existence of such advertising would be impossible, but in the past, people did not see anything scandalous […]

  • killed dolphins japan

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    Annual killing of dolphins in Japan

    Despite the outrage of foreigners, in Japan catching dolphins is considered normal and legitimate business. Killed each year more than 2,000 bottlenose dolphins. That January 18 were about 200 dolphins into a trap.

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    Newborn baby was saved from a Toilet Pipe + VIDEO

    The landlady of an apartment building in Pujiang, Zhejiang province in China heard child screaming from the toilet pipe and called up the rescue, as it later turned out the native 22-year-old mother that has pulled her newborn baby in the toilet .. In the shared bathroom on the fourth floor, rescuers could hear faint […]

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    The best printed ads of April

    Print advertising has to be sharper, more accurate and thinner commercials, as to convey the essence of the consumer at a glance. Here is a selection of the best advertising prints for the last month.

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    Unusual Billboards

    Sometimes a billboard is not enough, in order to bring to life the idea of creative advertising campaign. And if space and funds permit, you can “stretch” advertising to two and even three media made ​​a real representation. Examples of such large-scale, double and triple, commercials, see below.