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    20 proud bitches with really beautiful pups

    The love of parents with their children knows no boundaries, and this applies not only to people but also to our younger brothers: our pets. In these the following images will see bitches posing like proud mothers of their puppies. If you love the puppies, you will be drooling watching these beautiful puppies!!

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    Tiny knitted animals

    Su Ami is a group of five Vietnamese knitters. To create thumbnails of most women use brightly colored wool threads, making toys out very beautiful. We offer a selection of their best work.

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    You won’t believe what this dog ate

    We have saw so many cases where dogs ate really big bone pieces, for later get stuck in their esophagus. Please if you have a dog don’t give him chicken bones or else, its your dog not, a trash can, they have to eat healthy food, but you instead of you just give it good […]

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    Bizarre Buzzard Filmed with a GoPro

    There’s so many doccumentaries about aniamals doing really bizarre things, but if you haven’t saw an buzzard eating some animal dead body for lunch you shall see it this time, and if it wasn’t enough it was filmed by a GoPro cam. This guy decide to capture that moment when this carrion one was taking […]

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    Polar bear being Shot

    Its sad how hunting has been taken as a sport for so many people. some activist have made some activities or strikes complaining about what this  agressors do every season to animals. Tthere is a story about people coming in to fashion runways throwing over the fur models paint, as a way to make hear […]

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    chopped turtle in half bites man eyebrow

    There is something that we can’t fight to, a turtle anger, theres so many species of turtles, there is one a on miami swaps, which has a peak and horns, this one its really dangerous because this bite can make huge damages on its victim, and there is other specimen who has not shell, yeah […]

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    Amazing snake eats a crocodile after fighting

    We thought that titanoboa was the only one rude animal capable to fight with a crocodile, but it looks like, this adversary found its achilles heel, after losing its battle with this snake, sadly it was eated, this amazing snake just defeated this bad guy which has the crown of swamp kings, she decided it […]