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    Tiny knitted animals

    Su Ami is a group of five Vietnamese knitters. To create thumbnails of most women use brightly colored wool threads, making toys out very beautiful. We offer a selection of their best work.

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    Awesome art by this cartoonist

    Art is not only on music, or scultures or realistic painting, cause cartoon its art too, and its the most vesatile and funny way to represent graphics in the world, the accurate information puted on the paper, its the result of a genius on creation, and besides, cartoon industry its the best paid one, next […]

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    This happens in the 2nd dimension

    we dont know exactly if this post its kind bizzarre, gore or for others it’s kind of justice and equality, because there is so many company sponsors making campaings about animal care, protection and rescue, besides there is so many countries where the hunting and fur wearing are forbidden, and if they are caught doing […]

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    Where is the Easter Egg hidden in this Draw?

    Maybe the human being is kind of lazy specimen, but not it all is our fault, or perhaps you think that the lazy ones are our eyes, or what if our brain it’s the lazy one?, well we are clear now that our minds needs workout, that’s where the illustrator Gegerly Dudas enters, and he […]

  • lamp homemade figurines

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    How to make an epic lamp using children’s figurines

    Converting old junk stuff into something amazing is like doing art, and if you do not have any ideas, then Internet is always there to help you and give you creative ideas. Today we want to share with you a easy way of “how to make an epic lamp using children’s figures“. This method was […]

  • world attractions drought

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    World most known attractions after drought

    The end of the world? maybe yes, because if there is no water there is no life. How would the Earth look if there is a huge drought crisis? Well, the graphic designer Joel Krebs imagined all the scene and he develop a collection of images of how the world most known attractions would look […]

  • zodiac signs body painting


    The 12 zodiac signs made with body art

    Artist Trina Merry started practicing body painting last year and in that time has managed to paint six models, all by herself, and created the 12 zodiac signs only with body art. The artist to create each character usually took her from two to nine hours, and she painted models posing with non-toxic water-based paints […]

  • david bowie paintings

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    David Bowie’s paintings which few people know

    Like many British rock musicians of the time, as a child, David went to art school and created his first group drew posters crazy for them. The world learned David Bowie was an artist only in 2013, during the exhibition «Is David Bowie», held in London. In addition to music and acting activities, Bowie was […]