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  • parrot body art

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    What you see in this picture: parrot or a girl?

    Seemingly ordinary photo in the center of which sits a bright parrot, but not so simple as it might seem at first glance. It is a creation of the Italian 35-year old artist Johannes Stötter, which is a world champion body-art. In fact, a young girl in the image is very difficult to distinguish from […]

  • beauty expo 2014

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    International Festival of Beauty 2014

    From February 20 to 23 in St. Petersburg hosted the International Festival of Beauty “Beauty Expo 2014.” This is a significant event for the beauty industry – holiday stylists, collecting guests from around the world. Exhibition business program and competition allow each stylist to show their talent. The event showcases the latest trends of hairstyles, […]

  • neon portraits

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    Stunning neon portraits

    Photographer Hid Saib creates a stunning series of portraits called Neon Neon. Suggest you look at these amazing portraits full of bright and rich colors, creating a sense of unfathomable space on the faces of the models.

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    Interesting Photos of models and their mothers

    Photographer Howard Schatz for 12 years photographing models and their mothers. Howard wanted to see the degree of intimacy in these families and how similar they are. Some moms do not want to become close with her daughters in front of the lens, while others have concluded each other’s arms. Most of the models was […]

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    Interesting tattoos

    People differently about tattoos: some consider them an ornament, others – useless mutilation of healthy skin. Opinions, of course, different, but there are examples of permanent images that may be the real paintings. Such are the works of French artist Xoil. It creates a tattoo in an unusual style “Photoshop Style”.

  • dancing latinos

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    Dancing with the column

    In Buenos Aires (Argentina), an unprecedented event. Participants sports dance competition Miss Pole Dance South America 2012 staged an unforgettable street performance for the locals. Dancers from all over South America have demonstrated a variety of tricks, using instead the pylon road signs, lights, billboards, metal fences and even railing.

  • Zombimob

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    Zombimob in St. Petersburg

    Last Saturday, August 25, in St. Petersburg hosted a unique annual “Zombimob.” For the fourth time in St. Petersburg – this year was the scene of Tauride Gardens – was unusually many walking undead. Those wishing to participate in the flash mob came long before it began. In order not to shock others, people decided […]

  • Cirque du soleil backstage

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    Cirque du Soleil show «Dralion»: backstage at Sunrise

    Cirque du Soleil «Dralion», which premiered in 1999, was staged at Bank Atlantic Center, in Sunrise, July 29. Combining the Chinese acrobatic art, which has more than 3,000 years, and a variety of approaches Cirque du Soleil, «Dralion» is inspired Eastern philosophy and the search for harmony between man and nature.