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  • truck for winter

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    For the harsh Russian winter

    That’s such a miracle was collected by craftsmen in Biyskiy Rayon, Rusia. The car is based on Nissan Maxima. In tehnopank style. Has all the advantages of business class cars + off-road capability. Auto positioned as show car. The project used computer modeling based on a miscalculation of the strength of knots and other loads. […]

  • ice truck

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    Building a real Ice Truck

    Canadian companies and Canadian Tire Iceculture invented and built a real, fully functioning truck ice. Together with the “Lego-car” this SUV occupies the top slot on the list the most unique vehicles created in 2013. Ice truck is based on a 2500 Chevy Silverado pickup HD 2005 release, last very long and laborious process of […]

  • Model of a Lamborghini

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    Model of a Lamborghini for 400,000 dollars

    Lamborghini – the toy is not for the poor. Speaking of “toy”, that is exactly what I mean. Model of the future supercar Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 for sale, and its price is 400,000 U.S. dollars. By the way, its production has been spent 320,000 dollars, and the car is assembled on the same drawings […]

  • alfa romeo expensive


    The most expensive car Alfa Romeo

    Racing car Alfa Romeo 8C-35 Monoposto, released in 1935, “went under the hammer” for 9,360 million dollars. Now it is recognized as the most expensive Alfa Romeo, who ever sold at auction. In the race car Alfa Romeo 8C-35 Monoposto installed 8-cylinder engine of 3.8 liters, an outstanding 330 hp This car was designed to […]

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    Rolled up Volkswagen Beetle

    At the art objects fair held in Hong Kong, the sculptor Ishvah Nour presented his new creation. As an installation he used the “Volkswagen Beetle” in 1953, which is rolled up in a ball perfectly geometric. We offer a brief summary of his work.

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    Weird pictures of weird people

    How wouldn’t the world be boring if all the people were sensible and appropriate? Sometimes we laugh at people doing crazy things, so to make your day hilarious, we will show you here a funny collection of weird pictures of weird people. Maybe you will say WTF instead of laughing.

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    The most creative car

    Someone wants a Bugatti Veyron, one dreams of the Lamborghini Diablo, and the owners of these cars do not need a super-cars. Their smiles and emphasizes individuality goggles around them. Your attention is the selection of the most unusual cars in the world.