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    Creepiest image from North Corea

    We all know the dictatorship lived on North Korea its brutal, and it was started by the actual president, if you want more information or data about that country limitations, check the news on TV, all the opposite living ways from its neighbour South Korea, which its one of the most advanced country from asia, […]

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    You’ll never believe what these chinese did

    Asians are always amazing us, from their capability to build and create expectacular things, to have the most incredibly discipline in all the aspects, did you knew, that Chinese kids don’t have tests until they’re on 4th grade, because the first 4th grades are for learning manners, humbly. Other quote it’s that Chinese schools don’t […]

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    You Wont Believe how Amazing this pics are

    Somethings never change; maybe you can fight all the time with your husband asking him to change his living manners, or maybe asking to your mother change the way she speaks about your new boyfriend, or changing your hair color every month, your nail polish every week. But instead of it we will talk to […]

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    Shakespeare’s skull was stolen?

    Maybe you have Heard about the writer William Shakespeare, and if you haven’t, you should get a TV or an iPad, were just kidding, the deal here is that the playwritters head is missing, the gpr’s couldn’t find steal particles in the grave like coffin screws, that made the Scientifics change their minds, and start […]

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    5 Places where you can live if comes the 3rd World War

    The 2nd war was a horrifying nightmare suffered by Jews and others, but what happens if 3rd war jumps into?, that it will be a big issue, but if it comes there are some countries which you can migrate to live in peace while those man thirst of power are fighting between them, but don’t […]

  • stylish fashion tokyo

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    Stylish young people from the streets of Tokyo

    Japan is known for being a colorful country, but not only for its streets. On the other hand, the strict tradition, on fashionable trends around. Young people in Tokyo walks in these wild outfits that conservative Japan in a kind of creepy culture. Take a look of some of the stylish young people from the […]

  • south korea annual mud festival

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    Dirty annual festival of mud in South Korea

    Traditionally, the annual mud festival is held in South Korea, Boryeong. This is 17 times when Koreans roll grand dirty party. During the festival, everyone, and not afraid to get dirty in the muddy mire from head to toe, can participate in the mud fights, mud racing, or just very well lie and roll for […]

  • best street art june 2014

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    Coolest street art graffiti of the world for June 2014

    On the streets of cities are increasingly found painted walls, not meaningless graffiti and tags, and works of art. Some of the street art reflects the reality that surrounds us, others convey human emotion and mood. Each of these “rock art” carries a message, or calling thinking lets just enjoy the beautiful. Tirelessly, street artists […]