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  • caterpillar


    15 Most Alien Looking Caterpillars on Earth

    Caterpillars belong to the Lepidoptera order, the insect order that is made up of butterflies and moths. Though the appearance and colouring of caterpillars can vary widely, common to most are their tubular, segmented bodies with three pairs of true legs and ten abdominal segments.

  • animals eating ice cream funny

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    Funny pictures of animals who love ice cream

    What could be better than a delicious, cooling ice cream on a hot day? Right! Only two scoops of ice cream! Animals also like to eat this wonderful product and where it is not just cats and squirrels, lizards, monkeys and even anteaters. We offer you a collection of endearing images of animals that have […]

  • dog riding horse

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    A dog that knows how to ride a horse

    All people know that dogs are intelligent animals, but how much? They know how much: to help blind people to seek victims under the rubble, search for drugs, they may even respond to chemical changes within the human body. We are sure that you have heard a lot about dogs, but you hardly heard about […]