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    Vintage Fitness: How women combated cellulitis

    At all times, women want to look beautiful and fit, except that in the old times As today, women fought for health and attractiveness in the last century. It all started with a fantasy Swedish physiotherapist Gustav Zander. In the 50s of the XIX century it was invented by the efforts of a sports simulator, […]

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    Emotional pictures

    Sometimes when you feel hanged for being working really hard you need to stop for a minute and see the beauty of the world and know what’s going on out there. We suggest you to escape from everyday life and see these beautiful and funny pictures that are sure to resonate in your soul.

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    Paris 1900 – 2013 years

    We offer a look at the famous Paris through the prism of time. Do you think it has changed much appearance of the city?. This is a time travel from 1900 to the actual year, 2013. Try to focus in the big changes that Paris has given.

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    In style, Minecraft

    The popular game has won the hearts of millions of users, making them all his loyal fans. We offer a selection of Minecraft City, minecraft landscapes, buildings, etc.

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    PlayStation 4 – play in the boot process

    At the presentation in Tokyo dedicated to PlayStation 4, developers have told more about the new consoles. For example, in addition to compatibility with other devices (tablets, smartphones), the manufacturer stated that to return to the game will be just enough to press the button Power. But the most important advantage of the console, according […]

  • coca cola museum


    Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta

    This museum is called “The World of Coca-Cola” and is located in Atlanta, USA. He is entirely devoted to the history and culture of Coca-Cola, one of the most popular beverages worldwide. The museum is located in an area of ​​20 acres on Baker Street in Park Centannial Olympic, just a few blocks from the […]

  • Atlantis shuttle


    The last shuttle launch Atlantis

    Photographer Dan Winters first published incredible photographs of the launch area NASA. Atlantis NASA is in the service for 26 years. His first flight was made ​​in October 1985. The last flight July 28, 2012, for it was the 33 th in a row. After returning to Earth, “shuttle” was on display at the Kennedy […]

  • Hubba Telescope

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    Hidden Treasures of the Hubble Space Telescope

    The contribution of the Hubble Space Telescope to the popularization of astronomy and science world. In total, the Hubble has made ​​more than one million images, and of this amount of information is elementary operators could miss something interesting in space. Therefore, from March 27 to May 31, held an open competition, “Hidden Treasures of […]

  • Buick Streamliner

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    Buick Streamliner by Norman Timbs hands

    American mechanical engineer Norman Timbs Buick Streamliner built this back in 1948. The basis of the lay aluminum body with a steel chassis – the journalists wrote that the car looks like it-whether a whale, then, whether the turtle. However, in the beautiful lines and curves of the car, you can see the shape of […]