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    Anonymous heroes

    In this video you will see the heroes who do not carry a cloak or a sword, but because of things of destiny they were faced with some dangerous situation, in which, through their intervention, they ended up saving a human life.

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    To eat snot is said… Disgusting!

    This video is really disgusting. The woman we see in it, smokes like a chimney, and as if it were not enough, at the least expected moment begins to eat their own snot !! Pufff !!! A real filthy, of the many that we have seen here.

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    6 Truths About Having A Crush

    I bet you can remember having a crush at some time of your life. Daydreaming, tingly feeling deep inside your stomach, inability to clearly express your thoughts when your crush is around… Eh, sounds so familiar. Take a look at 6 truths about having a crush illustrated by Cassandra Calin and let us know how […]