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  • complements of real life

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    Photos that perfectly complement the surrounding of reality from Francois Dourlen

    French photographer Francois Dourlen has created a very funny series of photographs in which it complements the existing reality suitable scenes from movies and cartoons, filmed on his iPhone. Such an original idea in his head sewn 30-year-old photographer, when he decided it would be fun to photography to replace the statue of Napoleon on […]

  • 3d pool street art

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    Looks like a real pool, isn´t it?

    Talented artist Jeroen Bisscheroux specializes in the creation of three-dimensional figures, that deceives the eye. One of his latest projects is the swimming pool, which unfortunately can not swim. Looking from the outside it looks like a swimming pool, but coming closer you realize that it’s just an optical illusion. Regardless of whether you know […]

  • optical puzzle

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    Look, do you notice it?

    A selection of interesting photographs, which master plan snapshot, not the chief, and the whole interest of the particular item that is not immediately evident. These details can be seen immediately, but try to look closely and you’ll see! This kind of puzzle. Joke is in each photo! And all of you have seen?