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  • useful multifunctional gadgets

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    Multifunction useful gadgets that will make your life easier

    The ultra-fast rhythm of modern life makes us save time wherever possible. But people living in the XXI century can not complain, developers, researchers and designers have equipped us with all sorts of multifunctional gadgets that greatly simplify life, saving valuable time. Some of the existing devices are so brilliant and at the same time […]

  • handcraft easter eggs

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    Germans Christa and Volker Kraft – the real Easter fanatics

    In the town of Saalfeld, Germany, home to one unusual elderly retired couple Christa and Volker Kraft. This pair is unusual in that since 1965, Volker and his wife Christa every spring they spend 2 weeks to decorate Easter eggs apple trees in the garden of their collection, which totals 10,000 colorful Easter eggs with […]

  • cozy wheels house

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    Inside a unusual cozy home on wheels

    Web designer Alek Lisefski wanted to build a house, but it’s very expensive, and even for land rent must be paid not small money, and then he found an interesting way out. He built his house on wheels for very little money – 30 thousand dollars. Despite the relatively modest size of 2.5 x 6 […]

  • iceberg denmark residence

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    “Iceberg” – an amazing gated community in Denmark

    This is an interesting miracle of architectural thought, was conceived by promising architects of the agencies of Denmark, France and Holland. This apartment complex was built in Aarhus harbor in Denmark, and is called the “Iceberg”, in the form of what he did. The complex consists of 11 houses, the windows of each of which […]

  • shocking second day

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    War through the eyes of a little girl

    At the same time touching and shocking video entitled “Most Shocking Second a Day”, you’ll see the war through the eyes of a little girl. Meaning of the video was to shoot one second in one day a girl’s life and show how it has changed dramatically with the arrival of a happy life war. […]

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    Fireworks Festival in Mexico

    In the Mexican town Tultepek held its annual Grand National Festival of fireworks, where you can see the stunning firework performance. The event lasted for 9 days. Along with rides, music and food could admire the spectacular fireworks show that took place on the streets of the city.

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    Super Moon Phenomenon in Switzerland 2013

    The other day the photographer Alessandro Della Bella was lucky to capture breathtaking footage of a rare natural phenomenon – “Supermoon” – when the moon is closer to Earth than ever. This can be seen about once every 20 years, and this year supermoon also coincided with the new moon.