Celine Dion’s house for $ 20 million

Celine Dion's house

Singer Celine Dion and her husband Rene of Angels built in 2010 to house one of the most expensive islands in Florida under the name of Jupiter. Near the house is a water park area of ​​9,825 square meters feet.

The residence has 8 bedrooms, an underground garage, a gym and a large garederob. The Water Park features two swimming pools, two slides and a small river water to circulate in the system. Total lodge takes about 24 million liters of water each year. It is also worth mentioning that the construction of the mansion has brought a lot of complaints from the public, so the whole system has brought drought to the island.

Celine Dion's house

Celine Dion's house

Celine Dion's house

Celine Dion's house


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