Diamond from the ashes of dead husband


Glynis Barnett shows his friends a yellow diamond, which is really amazing. The gem was made from the ashes of the dead husband. According Glynis, when her husband died after a long battle with throat cancer, and liver. She could not decide how to do with his ashes.

  “Although we have been married for 42 years but never discussed what to do if one of us dies, – says the widow of 63 years old -. So while I was trying to cope with their pain, urn with his ashes was in my bed for 18 months. Eventually I decided to dissipate under a willow tree in our garden, but then I remembered the words of his friend, who somehow escaped that in the case of death her husband’s plans to turn it into a diamond., I thought I could carry around with them a piece of John, and I liked the idea. I think John would have laughed at my extravagant act, because I’m pretty modest person by nature, but I feel I did the right thing and having a tribute to my dear husband. And I do not regret that he had paid 5000 pounds ($ 8295), because now he is always there with me, “- concluded Glynis.



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