Did you Knew it’s good to forget for our memory

A study made by scientifics got the conclusion, about forgetting things it’s good for your memory, it’s ironical, but we need to forget things to manage more important information in our brians, the name for the protein who makes us forget it’s Scribble.http://correiodevenezuela.com/espanol/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/28-COL-CURIO-610-MISCELANEA.jpgScribble; has the task of erase everything we need to forget, cause certain thoughts and memories are invasives and unnecesary. By minimalizing the scribble on a flies brain experiment, made the fly get the memory twice than a avergare fly, this test can help to reduce the possibility to adquire Alzheimer, it’s amazing how we know why? things.


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