Facts about Mobiles you didn’t know ever

1, The first mobile was the Motorola DYNA TAC 8000X and its price was 3990 $320px-dynatac8000x

2, The first phone mobile was created on April 3rd, 1973

3, The first smartphone was created by IBM its name was the ANGLER but the official was SIMON.


4, 90 % of all the smartphones on Japan are waterproof

5, Apple Sold around of 37,04 millions iPhones in 2012

6, World’s most expensive iPhone of the world costs 15,3 million dollars and its cover with black diamond carat


7, 80% of the population of the world uses Android.

8, the highest Mobile bill was 201,000 $ and the blame was from a deaf brother from a girl named Celina.

9, you can take pictures far full body with your earbuds.

10, almost 35% of iphone users down download a single app in months



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