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“Give me five” white shark!

tiburon blanco

This gorgeous, a monstrous female white shark issue that the perpetrators of this video cameramen christened “Deep Blue” is one of the most filmed to date, exceeding 6 meters in length. The image was captured in Isla Guadalupe (Mexico belonging to) a researcher named Mauricio Hoyos Padilla.

The place where the images are recorded is known for its high concentration of Great White, because there are dozens of adult congregate every year for reproductive purposes. Within the safety cage protection, and drawing female parsimony when passing in front of the cameras, photographers could get great close-ups of this massive predator.

However there is always a “restless ass”, and as you can see in the video, one of the cameras decided to leave the safety of the cage and go to the top, from where he “hit the five” with the flap of Deep Blue. Fortunately the large female (males are always smaller) was just browsing, so it ended up disappearing into the ocean, leaving everyone stunned with his imposing presence.


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