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¡¡¡GREAT DISCOVER!!! +10 Miths about diet

CALORIE COUNTING: It’s true about if you take of your calories you shall lost weight, but if you don’t eat enough calories you will get anxiety always. and wen you start eating you will want to eat even your own grandma.

ALL YOU EAT PAST 8 PM WILL TURN INTO FAT: It’s not what you eat it’s all about how much you eat.


CARBS ARE YOUR ENEMIES: honey you need them to get energy and make your body work, but like we said before everything excesive it’s bad.


WINTER = WEIGHT GAIN: wrong!!! if you are cold your body will waste more calories to warm itself

WORKOUT WITHOT FOOD YOU SHALL BURN MORE CALORIES: wrong again! if you do that your body will burn it slowly, cause it’s has no place where to get calories.

At some point it has happened to us. A few extra pounds bother us and we want to get rid of them. To achieve this, with so much effort generally resorted to a diet known and include recommendations or advice that we have heard or read somewhere.

But around the various dietary choices to lose weight, there are erroneous beliefs and actions that some take, although not effective in achieving the balance reflects the weight you want.

Given that aspect Cuentra then collect some of the most common myths to make a diet.

1. Certain foods serve to burn fat

Cabbage, celery, grapefruit, green tea, hot peppers … may not be the first time you hear that these foods help to remove fat, and you can probably add to this list. But according to the British Heart Foundation, is not the case. There’s no food that has special properties and can burn more fat in the body.

2. Do not nibble between meals
According to the same organization, this premise is also a myth. No problem with eating something light in the middle of the main always the case meals and a snack or a healthy snack, like a vegetable, fruit or low-fat yogurt. It is useful because it helps control appetite.

3. Eating at night is what fattens

The time at which a particular food is consumed is not what determines the weight gain is calories.

If you consume more than you should, additional kilos will win, no matter if this happens in the morning, afternoon or evening.
In this match both the Health Center at the University of West Virginia, in the United States, as the US medical journal WebMD, adding that there is no evidence that when eaten late at night, get fat.

4. Carbohydrates are bad

This type of food is a key component in our diet, including sugars, starch and fiber.

“Our body needs carbohydrates for energy, particularly for the brain and muscles work. The Department of Health UK recommends that at least half of the energy that we include in our diet has to come from starchy carbohydrates” explains Chambers, of the British Nutrition Foundation.

5. The less you eat fat, better

The specialist of the British Nutrition Foundation explains that contrary to what many may believe, it is recommended that when making a diet 35% of the food that provides the energy comes from fat.

It is not suggested to follow a diet low in fat or completely eliminate fat intake.

The thing to keep in mind, Chambers highlights is that as there are different types of fat, the kind you eat is what makes the difference. Ideally, replacing saturated with which it is not, since the latter helps reduce blood cholesterol, which is related to the risk of heart disease and stroke.

6. Low-fat help you lose weight

Foods that are sold with these features typically include higher amounts of sugar, salt and starch that those who have all the regular components.

This is to compensate for the flavor lost when they are removed or are reducing the amount of fat.

With this kind of food there is also the risk of consuming more servings-in amount and frequency-of which would eat with the regular version.
This would result in a greater intake of calories, which definitely does not help to eliminate those extra kilos.
Woman checking her weight.

Controlling calorie intake is essential for weight loss.

As for products that are marketed claiming they have no sugar, what usually happens is that are sweetened with concentrated fruit juice, so it ends up consuming the same amount of calories than the original and also no no gain from the nutritional point of view, according to the Health Center at the University of West Virginia.

7. Drink plenty of water = bye kilograms.

Water is essential for the organism, but no one must assume that increasing consumption will lose weight.

While it is good to take over this liquid to make a diet, because it helps prevent other beverages containing sugar, this unique action does not contribute to those extra kilos remove, take other measures.

8. Some types of sugar are worse than others

The publication referred to above also indicates that there is research showing that the body absorbs similarly regular sugar, honey and sweeteners that are made with corn syrup is converted to fructose.

As a reference, it is good to consider that the calories are acquired with a teaspoon of any of these products range between 48 and 64.

9. Skipping meals makes the most effective diet

It is not true. The consequences of this measure is that you feel hungrier, which in turn would ensure that consumieras more food in your next meal.

In fact, some studies suggest there is a connection between obesity and skipping breakfast.

Several organizations, including the National Institute of Digestive Diseases, Diabetes and Kidney in the US, agree on this point.

10. What works for weight loss are intense and prolonged exercise

This is another myth that the low intensity physical activity also consumes calories.
It is very well go to a gym, but the BHF said that walking, gardening and activities that are often made at home, make a big difference.

On this issue, the Health Center at the University of West Virginia also notes that the exercise does not transform fat into muscle tissues because both are composed of different cells.

burns fat and muscle develops, so what you can do is lose one and win the other, but not convert the former into the latter.

And finally … watch out for products that promise the almost miraculous loss of many kilos in a short time. Whatever its composition, it is extremely difficult for such a prediction is fulfilled.

In addition, it can be dangerous to health because sometimes those based on herbal or natural components, have not gone through the processes relevant scientific verification to ensure that the consume no risk to the body or that are effective.


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