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Harry Potter Facts you may don’t know

moaningmyrtleFACT 1; Moaning Myrtle, was 37 years old when she played the character on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, she was the oldest student on Hogwarts.

ronFACT 2; Ron Weasley’s originally character swore too much, but Rowlings publicist didn’t let her do it, because young readers.

snapesFACT 3; Only Alan Rickman who played Professor Snape, knew the character fate because Rowling told him.

voldermortFACT 4; Voldemort name translated from french means Flight to Death.

tomFACT 5 Tom Felton Auditoned to play Harry and Ron but instead he was choosen to play Draco.

dementorsFACT 6; Dementor’s Kiss of the death represents depression, because the decease struggle that Rowling suffered.


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