He will never forget your passport

back passport

27-year-old Richard Ashton decided to put on your body is very unusual body art. British tabloyd The Sun reported the instructor of one of the sports centers in London and also an avid traveler, who paid a tattoo on his back his passport. And the most amazing thing is that this highly unusual document is valid.

Passport back, Richard started in 2006, when with a backpack on his shoulder walked the Green continent. The sportsman and traveler explains the unusual step this way: “I wanted to leave something for the memory of the holiday, but also that it was something patriotic.”

During that same trip in the Australian guy ran out of money. He came to the bank and by presenting his unusual instrument, took the money. The cashier was very surprised, but still reprinted the first and last name, as well as other necessary data and gave the traveler his money.

back passport
back passport


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