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Huge LCDs in China instead of sunrise

lcd sunrise

Smog levels in the air in Beijing has reached exorbitant density. Could become so thick that it is impossible to see through the sky, including sunrise and sunset, in this regard, Chinese officials decided to skip the sunrises on the huge LCD screen, which is usually display advertising.

lcd sunrise

lcd sunrise

This picture can now be seen on the streets of Beijing, due to severe air pollution. Usually these commercial displays are usually advertised Destinations, but officials decided to broadcast them sunrises, so people can see it at least somewhere.

lcd sunrise

lcd sunrise

Visibility in the city was reduced to 100-200 meters. China has long been sacrificed for the sake of environmental protection and economic development.

lcd sunrise

Despite such strong air pollution Beijing authorities constantly report on the progress of the fight against pollution, for example last year were closing 8347 companies are particularly heavily polluting. The following year, the Beijing government has pledged to reduce the intensity of polluting and allocate its defense $ 2.4 billion.


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