Keys to interpret body language


Have you ever wondered how others perceive you? 70% of what we say is in our attitudes and gestures, not our words. Oddities123.com in this article are the main keys to interpret body language in others and understand what message you are projecting your body.

The eyes

Look away to the side is a sign of boredom or mistrust. When someone looks at you when talking is because their attention is focused elsewhere, either because he does not care what you say or do not believe you. When you want to establish an empathic link with someone, be sure to look carefully.


Keeping a gaze into the eyes can be a way of challenging the other. While eye contact is important to have good communication, an incisive look can be intimidating. Watching someone stands unblinking surveillance.

Flashing fast is often a sign of nervousness. Surely you blink because you want a barrier between your eyes and the other. If someone does that when he’s in front of you, surely you feel very nervous, try to give him confidence.

Looking Down is an order that the brain gives our eyes when we feel emotions are strong. It is an instinctive way of making it less visible protect our mood towards others. It is normal to an emotion too surprising or shocking our first reaction is to look down while our mind tries to process the information just received.


Having always head up and chin up is a defiant gesture. Who constantly maintain this attitude are often perceived as arrogant and proud people.


Nodding is a gesture and demonstrates empathic listening. However, not abuse. If we assent repeatedly for a long time we are sending a signal of submission.

Keep your head down is a universal sign of submission and defeat. Who he lives and keeps his eyes on the floor, not looking up or forward, revealing he is not interested ascend or progress.

The position of the arms

The name meaning of bodily gestures are folded arms. When you cross your arms you close your body against the other, you block your ability to receive and listen. If you do consistently this may be because you feel you need to protect your environment or do not trust the people around you.



Show open palms during a conversation is a sign of honesty and dedication. If you want to build trust, show your hands, you open them face to face to see that you are what you samples.

Standing with hands on hips is an aggressive attitude. When you do this you are using a tactic used by many animals when intimidate the enemy, extend your body to see bigger and more powerful. Hands on hips are a form of empowerment used to show the other that you are stronger than him. Who did not play him a scolding from Mom making this gesture?


Hide your hands behind your back you can project that entrelazas the fingers. Fingers move quickly and demonstrates little control anxiety. When you see someone do this, try to understand what bothers you or what creates stress in the situation we are living.

Making hand gestures when talking shows that you are a spontaneous and expressive person, you love what you’re saying and you would be clear in your opinions. But beware, all excesses are negative. If you move too your hands or your gestures are jerky or uncontrolled aggression can project.


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