Model girl earned millions of dollars, until they discovered her creepy secret. Now it’s stuck

pelacha secreto

At just 20 years of age the Australian Lara Kitchen had managed to become the most important and highest paid model in the world, however, its secret was discovered; The girl had lost all her hair.

The beautiful young woman confessed that about 6 years ago she began to lose large quantities of hair for no apparent reason, and after several days of suffering decided to visit the doctor. Sadly Lara was diagnosed with alopecia disease.

Weeks after starting his treatment the doctors informed him that the medication was not working, which is why he was losing his hair.

pelacha secreto

Lara tried everything but nothing worked, until she found the wigs made by Francesca de Mori, made with natural hair.

“Thanks to these wigs I encouraged myself to become a model and this allowed me to cope with my illness,” said the model.

It is noteworthy that despite the fact that the Australian is considered the best model in the world, several famous companies and brands have started to sue for fraud after feeling cheated by the news that was discovered just days ago, reason why the girl was arrested. Currently the girl faces several trials from outside prison after having paid a large bail and hopes that soon the world will understand that the face, figure or hair do not make a person beautiful, but beauty goes much further.

We leave you with the video in which he tells us his story.

Doing this is was the scariest thing I have ever done in my entire life and something I don't speak about to anyone! So a little story to get this all started When I was 14 I started to loose my hair in clumps and as you can imagine being a 14 year old girl starting high school with new people, you want to make a good impression but for me I became and felt like I was the girl that "wore a wig" or as nasty rumors went around such as "I had cancer" and these words were spread not just through my own school but through other school and already suffering anxiety made things very tough. My parents had no Idea what was going on, why was I loosing my hair? We saw doctor after doctor and some said stress and then one of perths top dermatologists told us alopecia, I remember sitting there and just crying in the doctors office and taking my wig off as he looked at my head and began to tell me and my mum that the follicle off the hair was still there but the chances of it growing back were slim but determined to get my hair back we started treatments (which were not cheap, and involved very strong steroids going onto my head) eventually after trying and trying I gave up and had to accept that nothing was working so for the mean time stick to wigs And I can tell you now wigs 6-7 years ago were not what they are today! And one day a gorgeous soul who I will forever be great full too for this told me about franchesca this young lady that was making wigs/ weaves. So my mum and i went and visited franchesca and my god my life changed instantly, Franchesca made long human hair wigs, which was so exciting for me, I could straighten my hair!! I could have a long pony tail! My "hair" looked more real. And from then on kept hush about my hair. Over the past years me and franchesca have spoken about doing something like this video and a few months ago, I agreed! Because I have nothing to be ashamed off in my words "I'm bold (literally) and strong" and yes hair is a major physical aspect to my appearance but my friends and family love me for me, my personality the person and was raised to be, I shouldn't have anything to feel ashamed off! *continue reading in the comments section

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