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Musicians, who became famous thanks to Youtube

To get in show business is hard enough, and the availability of talent and beautiful voice is played, usually a secondary role. But thanks to modern technology the way of any rising star can be greatly simplified. We offer a small selection of musicians who became famous thanks to the video service Youtube.

youtube famous singers
Artist PSY instantly won their internet straightforward dance in the style of “imbedded two, three prihlopa.” At the moment of his video «Gangnam Style» viewed by more than one and a half million people. Interestingly, the dance has become so popular that it is danced by celebrities such as Barack Obama, Ban Ki-moon, Madonna, Britney Spears, Maria Sharapova and many others.

youtube famous singers

Peter Nalitch made a revolution in the Russian show business, becoming famous without the help of producers. To shoot the video “Guitar” with the company he has not spent a dime. Video filmed at the cottage on the most ordinary amateur camera. The video was posted on Youtube in the spring of 2007 and to date there are more than 5 million hits.
youtube famous singers

Ugly and not a young Susan Boyle came to speak on the show “Britain’s Got Talent.” After telling the audience that wants to become a famous singer – Hall laughed, but after a couple of minutes the audience gave a standing ovation Susan. The spot was immediately posted on Youtube and has been viewed 4,000,000 times. The woman became instantly popular.
youtube famous singers

Justin Bieber’s popularity is also obliged to popular video service Youtube. The mother laid out the future stars of his son, from the age of 12. Over time, the channel acquired subscribers, and seven months after putting some of the first movie, Justin said producer of So So Def Recordings, and then invited him to her. A year later, the contract was signed and the young singer became popular.
youtube famous singers

Ukrainian Yuri Kaplan, better known as Valentine Strykalo began to spread videos with songs of his own in 2008. The first song was a reference to Vyacheslav Malezhyk (“rotten cop, or I love you, Angela”), then there was an appeal to Timothy and Dima Bilan. Frank banter and fun style of performance the audience liked so much that now Strykalo became really popular.
youtube famous singers


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