Penis Fact you might don’t know

http://www.planetorganic.com/images/products/large/1918.jpgThere’s some facts you might don’t know about your dick, and we shall name it down below.

Fact 1 IT’S A SEMEN DISPLACEMENT this means that it isn’t only made to inject semen, because its made too for rake away the semen of any foes who jumped before you in.

Fact 2 ITS A DECAPITATION SURVIVOR you can still urinate, have sex, and ejaculate even if its head was removed

Fact 3 IT CAN EJACULATE WHILE ITS FLACID of course you don’t have to be hard to get an ejaculation, because its other deal, cause your pelvis muscles contractions aren’t tied to the erection process.

Fact 4 IT CAN EJACULATE up to 8 feet lengh


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