People with amazing abilities

amazing abilities

Who are these people? Where did they get such amazing abilities? How to explain the opportunities that are not ordinary people, but who have they? Even science is unlikely to give answers to these questions.

The most flexible woman in the world Julia Gyuntel

The world famous acrobat can curl up in the most incredible positions and at the same time it did not happen.

amazing abilities

“Spider-Man” Alain Robert

On account of the French climber and conqueror of skyscrapers over 70 ascents of high-rise buildings around the world. Since it usually makes its ascent without the permission of building owners or authorities, dozens of times he was arrested, and was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

amazing abilities

Aquaman Tim

YarrouTim Yarrow – record holder in the long stay under water. In 2002, he voluntarily plunged into a small reservoir of water, set in the Johannesburg mall, and stayed there for 10 days. According to him, “there was a lot of breathing problems,” but despite this, he managed to sleep, eat and go about their business. Food was passed at a special tube, and the toilet had a guy walking around with a catheter.

amazing abilities

Strong language Thomas Blackthorne

Briton Thomas Blackthorne could raise aluminum box with transparent walls, filled pasta, weighing more than 12 kilograms. And he did not raise his hands, and with a chain attached to his tongue.

amazing abilities

The absorber swords Cheyne Hultgren

Australian Cheyne Hultgren has the ability to swallow swords very long (more than half a meter in size). And he swallows almost two dozen swords at once.

amazing abilities

Mole Man William Little

Engineer William Little for almost 40 years, has built his house under the maze of underground passages. For what reasons he began to dig tunnels under the house – is unknown. It is also difficult to imagine what patience possessed man, having spent more than a decade under the ground.

amazing abilities

The unique orbit Kim Goodman

This amazing woman could puff out their eyes by 1.2 centimeters. The spectacle is not very pleasant, is not it?

amazing abilities

Unusual eye İlker Yilmaz

This resident of Turkey has a completely unique ability – Splashing milk from his eyes. Pouring milk in his hand, he pulled the nose and liquid squirted out of his left eye at a distance of 2,813 meters.

amazing abilities


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