Puppies are out of the suitcase

puppies suitcase

These photos are disturbing many people in Toledo (Ohio, USA), because they almost killed by the fault of their hozyaina. Vladelets these puppies stuffed into a suitcase and threw it in the near pomoyku.No not think that their mom can not stop them. The poor dog ran off in search of his suitcase, she found otpryskov.Kogda, the dog began to bark and whine, attracting attention, she was approached by a bystander, who opened the suitcase and gave the puppy access to air, which is hardly hvatalo.Hozyain was quickly found, I hope it will carry nakazanie.Emu face $ 750 fine and up to 90 days in prison.

puppies suitcase
puppies suitcase
puppies suitcase


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