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Rare animal, mutant or alien?

curious animals

This is a very rare animal green, much like an aloe vera plant. The curious animal looks more like a mutant or an alien. They say it was found somewhere in South America.

How many unknown animals continue to find?

curious animals
curious animals

Well… in fact, is a Botoidea 馃檪

Batoids reproduce in a number of ways. As is characteristic of elasmobranchs, batoids undergo internal fertilisation. Internal fertilisation is advantageous to batoids as it conserves sperm, does not expose eggs to consumption by predators, and ensures that all the energy involved in reproduction is retained and not lost to the environment. All skates and some rays are oviparous (laying eggs) while other rays are “aplacental viviparous”, implying that they give birth to young which develop in a womb but without involvement of a placenta.

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