Rihanna has made friends with a giraffe and lion cubs

Rihanna has made friends

It seems that Rihanna decided to be present at the time of Dr. Doolittle. Of course, the famous singer could not speak the language of animals, but is trying hard to make friends with them. Arriving in Africa, Rihanna immediately decided to explore the local fauna. She managed to make friends with some exotic animals.

The charm of the singer did not stand giraffe and lion cubs. Rihanna has admitted that squeeze small predators was a little scary, but very nice. With the giraffe singer toyed in teasers: it showed a long-necked giant tongue. With all the animals Rihanna made a joint photo. Most likely, the singer will bring home a bunch of pictures and fond memories of time spent in Africa.

Rihanna has made friends

Rihanna has made friends


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