Satan in Arizona? A tenebrous photo awakens conjectures on the Net

A photo posted on the Internet by a US citizen has made a big impact on the Net, leaving many Internet users perplexed and even frightening some of them.

Richard Christianson of the state of Arizona published in his Facebook account on January 1 the dismal image of a large dark figure that seems to have wings that appears to be walking in the middle of a foggy night.

“What the hell do you see in this picture, really?” Asked Christianson.

The grim publication generated arguments about whether it was an angel or Satan himself, or whether it was a montage instead. A user asked the author to return to the place and photograph it by day.

The bizarre photo became viral quickly, and after sharing more than 80,000 times, Christianson decided to make his publication private.

However, its cache version is still available on Google, and in addition a Cleveland journalist managed to share the sinister image in his Twitter account.

The key to this mysterious apparition might be found in the account of Christianson’s occupation mentioned in his account: he is a stagehand member of the local association of the International Alliance of Theater Stage Employees. This has led many to believe that the ‘Angel of Death’, perhaps, is just an object of props placed on the street with a simple end of Christmas fun.


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